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Custom Swimming Pools & Spas

Grimes has been planning, designing, and constructing custom pools for decades. Not just as a place to cool
off on a hot August afternoon, but as a focal point and an integral part of the landscape. With this philosophy in
place we believe that any concept or idea should be brought to life, linking your pool, patio, decks and gardens
into an environment you can truly call home sweet home. With a Grimes pool you will experience the sounds
of water cascading over tons of natural stone, a free-form design with gentle curves and where we bring the
planting right to the water’s edge. Can you imagine stepping out of your stone spa, slipping into the pool and
escaping to a secluded grotto complete with music and fiber optics. Or maybe a vanishing edge overlooking
the horizon where boulders seem to be dancing on the water, surrounded by lavish plantings splashed with
constant color. Your pool can be the biggest expense on your property and should be given the highest priority
and dedication. It’s not just how good it looks, but how it’s built. We can meet and exceed all of your goals.

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