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Landscape construction has evolved to become more than just a planting scheme and a pretty garden. We
pride ourselves with creating outdoor environments unlike all others where the only limitations are your own
imagination. We believe that anything is possible, and nothing should be overlooked. If it doesn’t exist we’ll build
it, if it can’t be done we’ll find a way. “It can’t be done” is not in our vocabulary. Our ingenuity and inventiveness
keeps Grimes Natural Landscape a cut above the rest. We have put fire on water, and we have put fire in water.
We’ve put kids in a playground flying on a zip line, we’ve given dogs their own pool. We have created outdoor
fireplaces and fire pits that rival most resorts. We created a drinking fountain from a boulder and even included
a dog waterer. Let you imagination run wild, it can be done, with Grimes Natural landscape, it’s not just what
we do, but how we do it.
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